VINNIE brings the roaring 20’s to a roaring good time.

Runs the sweetest cabaret and gin joint in town. He’ll organize your crap game and maybe even let you win for a small donation to his favourite charity.

Watch yourself though, he’s got a way with the ladies and a way with the dice…problem is he’s sort of lost his way on both areas

Don’t crap out, shoot us a note about getting Vinnie to crash your party. 



We know you’ve got troubles, and she’s here to help ain’t she? Crimea’s a self-appointed expert and life coach specializing in: sex, relationships, politics, careers, sex, needlepoint and sex or raisin’ kids or whatnot.”

“I’m not being judgmental, I’m just telling the truth, ‘n everyone knows it.”

Send us a note won’t ya hun and we’ll get Crimea over to crash your party.


“If I have to blow up one more balloon animal I’m gonna lose my S**T. “


Dunno is a clown that will never break character. His character was broken in 1997 when his wife ran off with the kid’s math teacher.

A veteran of Ontario Place the CNE and WAY too many children’s events, Dunno hates parties almost as much as he hates clowns.

Send us a note about having Dunno crash your party.

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