Rates and Rules

Contact us to get a quick quote for your event.

Party Crashers works out of Toronto and Montreal, but LOVES travelling. Additional fees may apply to events outside of Montreal or Toronto.


In spite of our name, we won’t actually crash your cousin’s wedding for you…unless your cousin approves.

Mean…we don’t do mean. We can be naughty, politically incorrect, and in your face, but we’re never mean. Our goal is to entertain, not offend.

Impressions, there are a LOT of great people out there doing impressions, it’s not our thing.

Politics. It usually divides people, we prefer to bring people together.

We don’t do racial stereotypes, cultural stereotypes will be considered carefully.

Let us know in advance the level of Adult humour your guests will be comfortable with, we can tone it down or let ‘er rip. Just let us know in advance.

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